Paige’s Place Helps Kids and Veterans Heal

Paige's Place pic

Paige’s Place

Douglas Grant has more than two decades of experience teaching middle school history and working as a school counselor. Most recently serving as a substitute teacher for Randolph Field Independent School District, Douglas “Doug” Grant has a record of engaging students and starting new clubs. Dedicated to helping his community as well, Mr. Grant supports Trinity Oaks, a nonprofit organization.

Committed to changing people’s lives for the better, Trinity Oaks uses fishing and other outdoor activities as healing and change platforms. The organization maintains numerous programs and retreats during the year, including Paige’s Place, an outdoor retreat in Port Mansfield, Texas, that welcomes military veterans and families for free fishing activities. Through the retreat, Trinity Oaks provides its participants with the possibility of recovering, reconnecting, or reintegrating.

Youth activities at Paige’s Place are designed for children who are disabled, terminally ill, grieving, or adopted. Families can attend the free retreat to help children rediscover the carefree feelings of being a child.

Veterans’ activities focus on healing and rehabilitation. Paige’s Place is accessible to the handicapped, so veterans with disabilities can learn new hobbies or skills that otherwise might have been unavailable to them. Beyond helping veterans and children, Paige’s Place is open for use by other nonprofit organizations with similar goals.


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