Programs for Families at the Down Syndrome Association

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Down Syndrome Association

A teacher by profession, Douglas (Doug) Grant upholds a commitment to serving his community. Outside his work as a teacher, Douglas Grant supports the Down Syndrome Association, which hosts events and social groups for individuals with special needs and their families.

The Down Syndrome Association of South Texas (DSAST) offers programming for individuals of all ages who have Down’s Syndrome, while also providing targeted events for their parents, siblings, and communities. The youngest participants can engage in the organization’s music and movement program, which is available for children ages zero through five. The program welcomes age-eligible children with any special needs, including Down syndrome, and is open to their siblings in the same age group as well.

Starting at four years old, children with Down syndrome and other special needs can enroll in the organization’s tennis club, which features teaching from nationally certified instructors. There is also a swim team available for children ages 6 to 12, divided into two age groups. Participants ages 13 and above are welcome to the art club, cooking club, or Club UP!, all of which offer learning as well as social connections.

Programs are also available for family members of individuals with special needs. There are separate groups for mothers and for fathers, each of which combines community support and information sharing with fun and play. Meanwhile, the organizations’ SibShops program provides similar resources in an age-appropriate format for 7- to 16-year-old brothers and sisters of those with special needs.


Trinity Oaks Foundation

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Trinity Oaks Foundation

Having worked as a middle school teacher and school counselor for over twenty years, Douglas “Doug” Grant is currently a licensed professional counselor. He practices in a variety of areas, including geropsychology, addiction, and crisis/trauma counseling. Douglas Grant also supports a number of charitable organizations, including the Trinity Oaks Foundation.

The Trinity Oaks Foundation helps families in need by donating wild game meat, which can be used for meals. Established in 2007, the foundation is a nonprofit organization that uses outdoor hunting and fishing activities to give back to the community. Since its inception, the foundation has helped more than 3,400 people.

The Trinity Oaks Foundation distributes more than 9,000 pounds of meat each month to families and individuals throughout the Southern Texas and Northern Mexico area. The program also helps support combat veterans and Purple Heart recipients who have family members that are dealing with terminal illnesses along with young people in need.